Newsletter Edition:
Rowing Masters + Spring Sale 2010
2010 Australian Rowing Masters    
May/June 2010 |
Without wishing to bombard you with emails, we had a couple of points to raise that were time-sensitive.  So its a short newsletter this time !
2010 Australian Masters Rowing Championships - Champion Lakes WA

On behalf of Rowbust Australia, we wish all those competing in the Masters at Champions Lakes the best.  Great conditions and competition for all.

We will have a stall on course and hope to meet up with many people throughout the event.  Being in WA provides an opportunity to meet with clubs we may not have had the chance to previously.

As part of our stall, there will be a range of high quality items for sale including zooties, tights, compression tops and jackets.


In the Author's haste to get the last newsletter out, an error in the date was made.  It will be held on Saturday the 19th of June from 9.00am to 2.00pm.  The address is factory 2/57 St. Hellier Street in Heidelberg Heights, which is just near the Austin Hospital.

On sale will be a range of factory seconds, over-runs and gear we dont want to have to count in the stocktake !  Gear will be available for swimmers, cyclists, runners, and of course rowers.


In discussions with rowers in some of the colder states, it has been suggested that a full-length zoot suit should be revived and offered as part of our standard range.

For those that havent come across them before, a full-length zootie is one where the leg of the suit goes down to the ankle, rather than thigh length.

If you have any thoughts or ideas on this, please email us at ''  - we welcome your feedback.